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Sart Roloise Tomato Seeds

Sart Roloise Tomato Seeds

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These gorgeous globes have the lustre and stunning color of a stained glass masterpiece. Its beauty is only outmatched by its flavor! The Sart Roloise tomato is bursting with sweet, fruity and complex flavor with just the right acidity, owing its tropical flavor profile to its parentage. It is a cross of the White Wonder tomato, which lends pineapple sweet notes, and the Baby Blue tomato, which explains the deep indigo blue brushstrokes on the shoulders! This variety was bred by Roland Boulanger, Sart Eustache, Belgium. This is a large beefsteak type. The big, beautiful fruit averages 10-20 ounces each, with the most captivating color and sheen, making it a must have for market gardeners, chefs and anyone who loves a gourmet flavored tomato with pizazz.

  • Full Sun
  • Sprouts in 7-14 Days
  • Ideal Temperature: 75-95 Degrees F
  • Seed Depth: 1/8 inch
  • Plant Spacing: 24"
  • Frost Hardy: No
  • Solanum lycopersicum

Growing Tips: Start indoors 6-10 weeks before last frost. Heat mat helps to warm soil and speed germination.

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